Emperor of Europe

Emperor of Europe

Who is the Next Napoleon?



Travel and Conquer, Get your own Visited world map! Emperor of Europe is a map that allows you to have maximum fun on your trips. Look forward to discovering new places and create memories that will stay with you for life. Create your bucket list and conquer as many as 300 regions in Europe with our advanced GPS system. Each region you conquer gets automatically updated - just like you would a journal, just a more fun one!

With our custom-made map, our GPS system recognizes your location and gets it visualized on your dashboard. This way, you only conquer the regions you are currently located. This helps create a very genuine experience as its impossible to fake a trip for social media likes. So, when you share your rank with your friends everybody will know its real.

Conquering and Map Filling

You can conquer the regions by visiting, passing or just transiting. Your personalized European map gets automatically filled in color once the GPS of your phone recognizes your current location. Unvisited regions remain uncolored. You can see on our custom-designed map the places to where you have been and date.

There are 360 regions in total to conquer, e.g. South France, Tuscany, Scotland, or West Flanders. Distinguished and historical cities remain independent, e.g. Rome, Paris, or London. You need to be at the site of the region where you want to conquer. You can not fill up the map later. Therefor, do not forget to save your trips and conquer the regions before leaving the site.

Earning Titles and Hall of Fame

Once you conquer the all regions of one country, you will receive a title of king, e.g. King of Italy and a coat of arms that is designed for each country. You will also be inducted into the Hall of Fame of the country. Once you conquer the all countries of Europe, you will receive a title of Emperor of Europe and a Napoleon portrait which can be used as a profile picture. You will also be inducted into the Throne of Fame. Who will be the first Emperor of Europe and be titled as Napoleon?!

Competing in Ranking

You compete for a number of conquered regions and traveled distance. You can timely see your names in ranking. You can earn distances every day from driving, walking, or commuting to work or school. Our custom-made GPS-map-linked function calculates the distance you made from one spot to the other.

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